Ayahanda (Hashim B. Mohd) kembali ke rahmatullah pada 24/10/2012

October 27th, 2012

Posting yang terakhir saya ialah pada Aidil Adha 2010. Semasa itu saya baru kehilangan ibu tersayang.Kini setelah 2 tahun berlalu Aidil Adha tahun ini disambut dengan mengadakan tahlil pada malam raya. Ayah saya Hashim Bin Mohammad ( lebih dikenali di kampong sebagai Cikgu Hashim) telah kembali ke pangkuan Allah pagi pagi (10.30pg) Rabu 24hb Oktober bersamaan dengan 8hb Dzulhijjah 1433 Hijrah. Al Fatihah.

Eidul Adha 2010 - Family Reunion 2

November 20th, 2010

IN 2007 I posted a reunion with my mother and father and all my siblings on Eidul Adha at my kampong. However for this Eidul Adha celebration my mother is no longer with me and on this occasion it is a reunion of my own family. I took this opportunity to gather all my children and their spouses and my grandchildren. It has been a long time since I had all of them together in Malaysia. It was only early this month that my son Ibrahim finally came back to Malaysia after finishing his 9-year-stay in Syria.

All fifteen of us minus daughter-in-law the photographer

Diabetic sore succesfully treated

July 23rd, 2009

In the last few years I have come across many cases of diabetic complications. Some have resulted in the loss of life and some have resulted in the loss of limbs.
Most of these patients have been taking their diabetic medication regularly. Nevertheless, one patient lost his limb within a month. Another lost her toes and then passed away from cardiac failure within a short period.

Here I am going to present a case that I have been treating for about a year since he first experienced a diabetic complication resulting in a bad infection on his left foot. He has mostly been using homeopathy to treat whatever health problems that he has had.

This male patient, aged 50, usually had a high random blood sugar reading of about 13 mmol/L. for many years. Typically however, he did not take it seriously and continued his food intake as usual. One day, he had a bleeding blister on the top of his left foot which  seemed insignificant at first. The foot seemed a little swollen but for over a week he was able to proceed with his daily activities with just a little discomfort.

  2nd. September 2008

Three days later, the insignificant blister, deteriorating at an alarming rate, began to look really bad and the foot was pronouncedly swollen. By then, I had begun my treatment but the swelling continued. On the 4th. of September, feverish and hardly able to walk, he visited an allopathic doctor and was given 2 types of antibiotics and the diabetic medication dianil. His fasting blood sugar was 22 mmol/L. I advised him to continue taking my medication together with the allopathic medication. Overnight his fever went down. I also advised him to use some honey on the wound. On the 9th. of Sept, he had a second visit to the doctor . His fasting blood sugar was down to 8 mmol/L. However, the wound did not show much improvement. He was still on the dianil but his antibiotics was reduced.

9th. September 2008

A week later his fasting blood sugar was down to 5.1 mmol/L. He cut down the dianil from 2 tablets twice daily to 1 tablet twice daily. I started him on some herbs besides my homeopathic remedy. On the 30th of  October his fasting blood sugar was 4.2 mmol/L. He was able to cut his dianil medication to 1 tablet once a day. I introduced to him the bitter gourd drink for him to take alongside the dianil. By this time the wound was looking better.

4th Nov. 2008

By the 4th of November he was totally off the dianil but continued the bitter gourd drink. His fasting blood sugar was between 4.1 mmol/L to 6 mmol/L. All this time he was also taking care of his food intake.

15th. December 2008

As the picture shows, THANK GOD his foot is saved and it sure is healing. He is also off all the diabetic drugs. He is taking homeopathic remedies and okra to help maintain his sugar levels.


July 22nd, 2009

Setelah lebih 25 tahun menjalankan pusat rawatan Homeopathy saya dapati kian ramai pasangan yang berkahwin muda tetapi agar sukar untuk mendapat zuriat. Ada diantara mereka yang agak segan untuk datang ke klinik untuk mendapatkan rawatan. Walaupun kami menawarkan rawatan secara pos tetapi apabila diminta mengirimkan sedikit sample rambut meraka agak keberatan. Jadi sebagai satu usaha untuk menolong mereka ini kami membuat promosi untuk menjual SET UBAT KESUBURAN - satu botol untuk suami ( X tra strong) dan satu botol untuk isteri (Female Tonic). (Sila melawat hhhomeopathy..untuk melihat diskripsi ubat ini) Harga yang di tawarkan juga berpatutan, RM 100 satu set. Tambah RM10 untuk urusan pos express/pos laju. Jadi jumlah yang harus dibayar ialah RM 110 sahaja. Kandungan sebotol/ satu bungkus ialah sebanyak 60 biji untuk kegunaan sebulan.

Pertanyaan boleh dibuat melalui sms atau talipon  017-6859907

Pesan terus dengan email drhashimee@gmail.com

Bayaran boleh dibuat on line atau dibank di akaun:

Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd dimesin mendepositkan wang tunai ke akaun 14032010013629 atas nama Hashimee Bin Hashim atau

Maybank2u.com  atau di mesin mendepositkan wang tunai di Maybank ke akaun 164548058212 atas nama Abdullah Hashimee

Melalui online sila masukkan email drhashimee@gmail.com sebagai email beneficiary. Email ini untuk rujukan kami bagi mengesahkan pembayaran anda.
Sekiranya melalui mesin mendepositkan wang tunai email salinan slip atau sms no. reference bank in ke 017 6859907

Satelah pembayaran dibuat sila email drhashimee@gmail.com atau sms 017 6859907 NAMA DAN ALAMAT PENUH anda untuk penghantaran menggunakan Pos laju/Pos Express.

InsyaAllah kami akan memastikan pesanan anda akan dipos pada esoknya melainkan terdapat cuti umum pada keesokkannya atau ketiadaan stok bagi produk tersebut.

The experience of legalising up a business

August 16th, 2008

What a hassle I went through to apply for a business licence! It took me nearly seven months of constant follow-ups with the local authority before they awarded me with one.

Actually, when I looked at the various forms I had to fill up for a business licence application, my first reaction was NOT to apply! Too many things to do! Then I decided to call up a friend to get his help. He was quite helpful but the things he wanted from me made me decide to do it on my own.

First thing to do was to buy and complete a stack of forms. This will get the new premise in Sungai Petani a business licence. But to get that done successfully I have to:-

1. Add this new premise to my present business registration certificate (which is different from a business license).
2. Get a supporting letter from the Fire Department…you have to buy two fire extinguishers.

3. Draw a floor plan (computer drawn and printed).. what about those who are computer illiterate, I wonder?..

4. Do a location plan. Lucky me Google map is here today…no need to pay the professionals.

5. Take four photos of me and of the premise…later they wanted four more..of the inside..thank God for digital cameras…makes it so much easier.

6. Sign board also needs to be licensed..got to make one..they wanted the layout of that, too.

7. Get a copy of a stamped tenancy agreement…got that.

8. And lastly, get a copy of the latest paid ‘cukai tanah’ and ‘cukai pintu’..the landlord was really helpful..he paid up and gave me a copy of the receipt.

I started the whole process in late December 2007, submitted the forms in February, and submitted the additonal photos and the ‘cukai tanah’ receipt in March. The election was held then so they were busy. Only in June did my application get through the queue to the council meeting..my application was numbered 55/08.

On the 28th of July 2008, I was the proud owner of a business licence…but I had to pay a fine of RM300 (later reduced to RM150)…for operating a business without a license, from December 2007 to July 2008…which was how long they took to process my application! Oh well, At least they did reduce it by half. The annual fees for the licences are RM150 for the business and RM 50 for the signboard.

Relief at last….

Exasperation - a case of incommunicado problemo

June 10th, 2008

On the morning of the 6th of June, I picked up my phone at my office and it was still dead. It had been dead since the 4th. On the 3rd, my internet connection was down. I called up the provider help line to file a complain. On the 4th the phone line went dead. I was told by the internet technician that the phone line was the cause of the loss of internet connection. He would help me by reporting this problem. I also called the phone company to file a complain. Again I called in to re report my complain on the morning of the 5th. But this morning, on the 6th, I simply lost my temper upon calling the phone company to find that all my complains had not been registered.

It really spoiled my day. Throughout the day the morning outburst made me unable to focus properly on my patients. My practice depends a lot on my phone line as patients come to see me by appointment. The following day was a Saturday and Saturdays are usually my busiest days. Without the phone connection I would be affected. How true it was; that weekend my practise was not busy at all.

On Saturday even though the line was still dead I did not call the phone company until late afternoon as I didn’t want to spoil my day. I appealed to them to look into the matter. My phone line was not repaired until yesterday (Monday). Patients came in complaining that phone was ringing but no one picked up the phone. I explained to them that we have a service problem and Malaysia, in trying to be a first world country, still have a third world phone service.

TMB sucks.

Distant healing..the other side of my practice

May 28th, 2008

No,no,no…I do not do that form of healing where the medication is transmitted to the patients. I know that there are some radionists who are capable of doing this form of distant healing. I however do a much simpler form of distant healing. My patients send me their hair samples for analysis and I send them their remedies, all by post.

I have been doing this service since the early days of my practice in Alor Star way back in !984. I got so much mail (and payment by post) that the post office asked me to open an account so that I didn’t have to go to them to cash the postal orders, thus saving them the hustle of counting the thick wads of paper. This service also helped me to increase my patients’ base in Kuala Lumpur before finally moving there a year later.

Now I still have these long distance patients, and they have been coming from places further and further away. I have patients sending hair samples from the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan and the Netherlands. Interestingly, there is an increasing number of people who live nearby i.e around Kuala Lumpur, Kajang and Seremban, who also want to send hair samples. They, like so many others nowadays, are too busy to come to the clinics to seek treatment. I also have couples who want to seek treatment for infertility this way. In my opinion, if they don’t have the time to come and seek treatment in person, where will they find time for the baby that they want? So my advise to them is to personally come to the clinic, both husband and wife together if possible.

Yet, for those far away, or on the other side of the world, I will still try to do my best to help them via distant healing. Sorry if some of their samples got lost in the mail, but I am glad that I am able to help most of them to improve their health.

Mothers’ Day - another commercial propaganda?

May 12th, 2008

Now we have Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and Lovers’ Day (Valentine). There seems to be more special days around now than there were before. Yesterday was Mothers’ Day and we read in the papers telling us how to spend our Mothers’ Day…bring them for special meals at the hotel..with 3 children you get a free meal for the mother. Buy yourself a massage chair and get one free for your mother. It seems that the main purpose of this day is for commercial activity; to get us to spend extra on this “special day”. I wonder if by doing that for Mothers’ Day our children will love us more than our mothers do theirs.

In my practice, I see a lot of old mothers ; they come hobbling up my stairs (sorry mums) complaining of knee pains; difficulty in breathing etc. They also complain of the difficulty in getting their children to send them to see me. Once, a mother whose daughter lives with her, and whose children she is minding, told me how her daughter would just honk her car to get her to open the gate of their house, and, tearfully, how difficult it was for her daughter to send her to see me for treatment.

I saw how my mother and her brothers and sisters took good care of my grandmother when she was ill. Will I be able to do the same when the time comes? I see more children putting their mothers in old folks home saying that it is for the good of the mother. I see more children sending their own children to their grandma also supposedly for the good of the mother. Haven’t our mothers done enough already? They gave their most bringing us up till full grown and yet we have to let them shoulder another responsibility, that of bringing up our own children.

I promise to myself that I would never do that to my mother, nor will I be a maid to my own children.
My mother..Bibah Bt. Abdullah

Dear mum..you will not be reading this because it is in a language foreign to you; also the cyber space is not the place that you would visit. You are never the one who like to travel anywhere far, because the journey will make your head spin. I however owe all my travellings and journeys to you. You sacrifice a lot for us. You even stopped working to take care of us. I will never be able to repay your sacrifices; the only thing I can do is to pray that Allah will reward you. I will try my best to be a son that will be of help to you in this world as well as in the Hereafter. Thank you Mum. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

It has been quite a while…more than a year

April 27th, 2008

It has been quite some time since I last wrote, more than a year. Maybe what I had was a blogger’s block. Not that I don’t have the time; I just don’t have the push. Since then I have stopped my monthly visits to Damascus, Syria. However I still travel for the second half of the month, but this time to a nearer destination. I have since opened a new branch of my practice in Sungai Petani, Kedah. This idea of opening a branch all started when I was not able to continue my practice in Syria (this is another story). I was still going there for my Arabic lessons however until all of a sudden, one cold dreary evening, I decided not to keep my appointment with my teacher (I did phone and left a message). It was indeed a very cold winter evening and it had also rained on that day. Previously such a weather would be no obstacle for me. But on that day I knew I had lost my vigour. It was time to rethink my schedule. I found too much time at hand and was getting bored.

On my return to Malaysia, in December, I had to travel to Sungai Petani to arrange an engagement for my son Abdullah. So I also took this opportunity to look up some shops to rent, which marked the beginning of my new branch. Abdullah was duly married the 8th of March (on Election Day..12th Malaysian general election) and now he is helping me run this clinic.

The clinic is at 184, Tingkat 1. Jalan Legenda 1, Legenda Heights. It is next to Tesco Sungai Petani.

Our 50th birthday..my country and me..our early years

March 20th, 2007

The earliest memory of my life has to be my first day in pre-school (aged 6). Prior to that, I can’t remember anything. I have seen a family photo of me, possibly 3 years old. There I was, a small dark kid sitting on my mother’s lap.
Back then when I started schooling there wasn’t any preschool yet. However I did one year seconded to my grand aunt’s class. I can still remember how I sat on the floor with the other kids at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Sg. Baru (now renamed Sek. Othman Shawal). The first day was awful. I was dismissed early and was given a bicycle ride home because I got scared of the class teacher; not of mine but of the class next door! He was called Othman Rimau (Othman The Tiger). I however came back the next day. We all walked to school stopping along the way at relatives’ houses to quench our thirst with cool well water stored in earthern wares.

A year later I started proper schooling in an English school (Masjid Tanah English School). Students consisted of children of various races and there I had friends that I can still remember to this day..There was Lee Soon Lock; Lee Kong Kian; Sivalingam as well as Abdur Rahman and Idris .There was no need for a special intergrated school. We all got along fine.

What do I remember of my country? Back then, there was no Malaysia. It was Persekutuan Tanah Melayu or Malaya. We had no electricity in our village. We used the kerosene lamp. There were no proper roads. The roads then were laid using red earth. Water came from the well. I remember once we had a bad drought and had water delivered by lorry. This was done by a Chinese man, not by the government. We had to be issued coupons and had to wait for the lorry to come with water from a tin mine. They would come in the darkness of the night. I helped my father search the nearby villages for wells that still had some water. We carried the water home in plastic containers to be used for cooking and drinking.

What I remember of those earlier years is that I had a happy childhood. I am sure that our society back then was coexisting together happily despite the lack of modern convenience that we today cannot live without.

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