5 years later, they are following in my footsteps.

March 17th, 2007

I have always been individualistic when it comes to educating my children. I have tried many systems from the traditional Islamic school to the modern home schooling. I had been involved in the setting up of two Islamic schools in Kuala Lumpur, but I was ousted soon after. Disappointed and hurt, I started home-schooling my own children. Years later, I arrived in Damascus with three of my children and by 9/11, my children had just embarked on a new chapter in their academic life. Prior to my departure many of my ex-colleagues in the school were sceptical and some were outrightly against my plan.

Now 5 years on, my daughter had graduated and I have 3 sons in the degree programme. My sceptics began to see the results of my taking the less trodden road. Now they are beginning to send their own children to Syria, too. I hope that they will also be as succesful, although they are 5 years late.

Preparing for the future.

March 9th, 2007

It’s been quite a while since my last posting. Many things have happened since then. I lost a dear friend less than a month after Eid ul Adha. When I was back in my village during that occasion we had had a late dinner. I never thought that it was to be our last supper. He was his usual self, and happily telling me how well his homeopathic practise was doing. He was planning to send his eldest son to Syria to pursue his studies. It was to be some time this month.

However Allah has something else planned for him. Weeks later, my dear friend suffered a stroke…and hours later he was gone. His son, the one supposed to go to Syria, called me up and broke the dreadful news. During his funeral prayer I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing. I couldn’t help thinking about my own demise. What if Allah has taken me instead?

This thought usually enters one’s mind when attending a funeral especially as one grows older. We begin to think of the things that we have done and the loved ones that we will leave behind. Three of my homeopathic practising friends have left this world and their practise died with them. Now I feel that it is important that I prepare someone to carry on my practise. Without delay, I asked my son to come back from Eqypt to continue his homeopathic studies and also to intern at my clinic. He needs to know the ins and out of this business before it is too late. Alhamdulillah, it has been a month now and he is a great help both at home and at the office. Hopefully when it is my time to go, things would be in place and my patients will still have a homeopathic practise to come to.

Eid ul Adha-a time for family gathering

January 3rd, 2007

It has been quite a while since my brothers and sisters were able to gather at our family home. We are staying in various parts of the country, while I have been doing monthly travels to Syria. However on the morning of the 31st Of December on the day of Eid-ul-Adha we were all present at our parents’ home. Thus we were able for the first time in many years to take a family photograph. The last family photo that I remember was taken way back in 1977. We have all aged a bit since then and all are married. Only Allah knows if we will be able to do this again


December 12th, 2006

Puan Rita bejumpa saya pada awal 1999 setelah mengalami keguguran. Pakar sakit puan mengesahkan adanya ‘ovarian cyst’ dan menyarankan supaya dijalankan pembedahan jika inginkan zuriat. Setelah menjalankan rawatan dengan kami selama dua bulan, pemeriksaan ultra sound mengesahkan ketiadaan cyst lagi. Bulan seterusnya dia disahkan mengandung. Seorang bayi perempuan telah selamat di lahirkan.

Setelah menunggu selama enam tahun dan masih belum mendapat anak kedua, Puan Rita telah datang semula berjumpa kami pada akhir tahun 2005; menyatakan hasratnya untuk mencuba rawatan bagi mendapatkan zuriat lagi dan inginkan anak lelaki pula. Sebulan selepas rawatan dia disahkan mengandung…dan Alhamduliilah 10 bulan kemudian M.A.Imran telah selamat di lahirkan.

Ini adalah antara kes-kes yang telah mendapat rawatan kesuburan di klinik kami dan dengan Izin Allah berhasil. Semua ini ditulis untuk memberi rangsangan kepada pasangan-pasangan yang belum berzuriat agar tidak berputus asa berusaha dan insyaAllah akan di berkati Allah juga.

My new love..

December 8th, 2006

It has been a long time since I have one. I have been sharing one for many years now. Sometimes when I need it most I can’t have it. Now I have one all for my self. She is small and cute, and she smells nice too…She is….

My new ..CAR….A Kelisa GXi  :-)

Even animals benefit from homeopathy

November 16th, 2006

It is quite well known in the West that some vets do use homeopathic remedies to treat their patients. The famous Barbara Woodhouse is one of them.

In my own practise I have had patients who briught in samples from the pets for me to treat. This morning a lady brought in samples from six of her cats suffering from various ailments from colds to stomach upset. I had previously helped her cats. I treated my own cats when they were I accidently run over one of them. Thank God he recovered.

Once I was called to treat my friends pigeons. He kept beautiful pigeons and breed them .His pigeons were suffering from asthma.

Hopefully more people will realise that homeopathy is not only useful for them but also for their pets.


November 14th, 2006

Puan Mariam berasal dari Senegal telah tiga tahun berkahwin tetapi masih belum mendapat cahaya mata. Dia telah menjalani rawatan kesuburan bersama suaminya di Hospital Kerajaan tetapi tidak berhasil.

Dia mula bertemu saya pada awal bulan enam. Alhamdulillah pada awal bulan Julai dia mula terasa loya.. kini dia telah disahkan mengandung. Ini adalah mereka yang bernasib baik kerana hanya dengan sekali rawatan telah berjaya mendapat zuriat. Suaminya menyatakan cadangannya untuk memberikan nama Hashimee jika mendapat anak lelaki. Ini bukan saya yang minta walaupun sudah ada anak pesakit saya yang bernama Daniel Hashimee dan Mohd. Hashimee…

Anak adalah anugerah dari Allah. Saya hanya membantu sedaya yang boleh.

Death comes when we least expect it..

November 14th, 2006

Recently a close friend of mine lost his dear wife. He left his house for morning prayer after having an early meal with her (sahur). When he returned home about 30 minutes later she was calling for help from inside the bathroom. He forced open the door to find her on the floor, partially paralysed. She passed away 2 days later without recovering from her coma. She was only 45.
I visited him recently and wondered how he must have felt. The shock of losing a loved one when he least expects it…the loneliness that he must be feeling without such a close companion. How would I cope if it were to happen to me? I could only pray that Allah gives him the strength to carry on his life and take good care of their four children. As I told him we should aways think that Allah has our best interest with whatever things that happen in our life. Things always happen for a good reason.

To chemo or not to chemo

November 8th, 2006

I have been regularly visited by many patients who have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer and at various stages. Some have undergone surgery and are in the middle of their chemotherapic treatment. I have seen them lose their hair and suffer various forms of side effects and helped them through this difficult stage with my own remedies. Some show tremendous recovery and have shown no relapse since they were treated five years ago. Some passed away even after undergoing the chemotherapy. Till today if I am asked by my cancer patient for advice on chemotherapy treatment I find it hard to answer. Do the benefits outweigh the side effects? Will the toxic chemicals kill the patient?

However I generally find that the psychological condition of the patient does have a great effect in the success of the treatment of cancer. A positve and strong-minded patient will be able to recover from the chemotherapy quite quickly. So I usually ask them to pray for guidance for AlMighty in deciding whether to chemo or not to chemo. And I will try to help them whatever they decide to do.

Eid Mubarak- Kullu am wa antum bil khair

November 3rd, 2006

Eidul Fitri is the day where Muslim celebrate the end of the fasting month of Ramadhan. The fasting ends and the feasting begins. In Malaysia the feasting last for the whole month, whilst in Syria the celebration ends on the third day.

This year I celebrated the Eidul Fitri in Kuala Lumpur with my wife and three children. My other five kids and grandson are in syria and I have already send them the festive goodies.

As usual we visited my mother-in-law who is also in Kuala Lumpur for breakfast. I have always love her cooking. It was finger licking good.

Then we were off the the mosque for Eid Prayer. Its not unsual to find the mosque overflowing for this occassion.They we went back to my villgage in Melaka to visit my parents. I found that this year there was less visiting among the villagers. They tend to visit within their close family circle. Even the  children  just came in for the money and not to visit.

This year we did something different. We went for a holiday instead. Is this going to be a trend in the ways that Malaysians celebrate Eid? We went to the Borneo Highland Resort in Kucing; Sarawak in East Malaysia. Lucky for us that the haze that had been enveloping this region had cleared up when we were there. The children were happy but I long for the time when Eid celebration was just simple visiting and enjoying each others company. The more houses we visited the happier we were but now we are happier if we visit fever of them. How times have changed!

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